Episode #68

Previously on the Profane Argument:

Ark Encounter check-in  @1:44

AL - Roy Moore & Radio shows  @5:37

State News:

KY - last abortion clinic   @11:26

MO - abortion case from Satanic Temple   @15:40

On the same note, Trump is funding abstinence clinics with tax money:   @19:19

MI - prayers   @26:51

TX - federal judges   @30:56

Jared’s Jury Duty   @35:29

Remember another nominee:

International News:

Journalist shot dead   @44:00

Myanmar religious crisis  @45:17

National News:

Trump DOJ backs baker   @53:37

Some DACA & Debt Ceiling  discussion  @55:31

Speaking of Ted Cruz…  @1:04:43


Pruitt “now isn’t the time to talk about climate change”  @1:06:41

And another story on Pruitt

Electric Car talk  @1:10:12

Why aren’t atheists  helping?   @1:15:23

FEMA doesn’t fund churches   @1:18:49


Want to help hurricane survivors??