Episode #51

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This week we talk with @IowaAtheist247, Justin Scott, who challenged presidential candidates during the Iowa Caucus and was reported on many news organizations, including FoxNews, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post and Time magazine.

Later, we discuss Trump's executive order on the Johnson Amendment, firing of Director Comey, and how it affects atheists.

​Also, are you attending PASTAHCon?

​2017 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference (PAStAHCon)

​FFRF sues DJT over executive order

The ACLU does not

Stephen Fry investigated for blasphemy
Charges dropped

Facebook restricting atheist pages

Maajid Nawaz video - Offense is not given, it is taken. You have every right to be offended, but you have no right to tell me, or anyone else, not to offend you.