Episode #65

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State News:

Bama - Moore’s fear of Sharia  @15:53
TX - bathroom bill again  @19:38
NV- Senator lies  @21:36
KY - Gov is AotW   @29:45

Note: USS John McCain was named after the Senator’s father *and* grandfather.

International News:
Turkey stop teaching evolution  @33:05
Chocolate going away?  36:44
Malaysia update:  @38:36
Pakistan's Blasphemy law  @40:37
India’s triple talaq  @43:04
Canada’s religious exemption in question  @46:30

National News:
LDS against whitey   @53:02
Liberty grads returning diplomas  @1:03:54
Penn State Denies Richard Spencer  @1:05:58
Bakker is insane  @1:11:17
Rex Tillerson mentions atheists   @1:15:25

Celebrity leak conversation (Profane Argument: After Dark)  @1:23:15